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I'm done with Facebook!

I’m done with Facebook. It was nice at first, but their recent directions cause me a great deal of concern.

Long ago, I created this web-space to keep up with family and friends well before FaceBook existed. But when FB came into being, I deprecated my own website in its favor.

Nowadays, FaceBook has become far too intrusive, to my tasted, and too manipulative, too. Facebook as declared that photos and comments posted on their service immediately becomes its property.

I don’t agree, so I’m going to return to my website, and without any apologies to Mark Zuckenberg.

I invite my friends from FB to stay in touch via my Contact Page.


I'm back!

Yeah, I know. It’s about time that I updated my website.

Truth be told, it hasn’t been updated since 2007, and that’s just too long.

Keep in mind that I created this website way before FaceBook came into being, and I do visit Facebook throughout the day. But I’ve come to grow tired of FaceBook, and its incessant policy changes, behaviors and eagerness to sell my information - and the information of my friends - to marketers.

I’m still going to be on FaceBook, at least for a while as I update my website. At least I’ll be able to control what shows up here.

Welcome back to my website!

New year, new Podcast

Wow - I haven't posted in my blog for half a year... I've been busy! Listen to my podcast to learn what I've been doing.


Journal update

Looks like I'm long overdue in updating the journal. I've put the house on the market, but I'm not sure when it will sell. It's a buyer's market down in Austin, so we'll just have to see. Hopefully, the fact that there's the new grade school just six blocks away will help convince a family to buy.

I flew to Topeka last weekend, and it was really great to see Rebbie, Kenny & Bri. We looked at a couple of townhomes, but haven't found something we all really like. I've been re-assuring Kenny & Bri that we really are going to have a place all our own, and to be patient.

I really miss them when I'm down here, but it's just the way things are for the present. Hopefully this will be changing sooner than later.

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Hurray for me, dammit!

Hurray for me, dammit!
I finally get it!

I think I finally understand why Dad kept this particular cartoon from a 1964 edition of Look magazine taped next to his bathroom mirror. Today, being my 52nd birthday (and I really don't feel like I'm much past 30), I'm able to take stock on who I am, what I've accomplished, and what I have yet to do.

All said and done, I think I've done pretty well for myself. And although I'm not one to "toot my own horn", I feel proud about the man I am today. Not perfect, of course, but that only leaves room for improvement.

I have a loving wife, two step-children who trust and believe in me, and a clear path looking ahead. And there's more to come, I'm sure of that.

Yeah... Hurray for me, dammit!

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