Wow Factor
Sometimes you come across online movies and videos that make your jaw hit the floor. How about you?
11-Year-Old Bianca<br /><i>And I Am Telling You</i>
11-Year-Old Bianca
And I Am Telling You
Bianca Sings Janis!<br /><i>Piece Of My Heart</i>
Bianca Sings Janis!
Piece Of My Heart
Bianca's Finale<br /><i>I Am Changing</i>
Bianca's Finale
I Am Changing
Bianca at Home<br /><i>Home in Philadelphia</i>
Bianca at Home
Home in Philadelphia
Bianca Wins!<br /><i>Stardom Affirmed!</i>
Bianca Wins!
Stardom Affirmed!
Bianca's Victory<br /><i>Unaired Performance</i>
Bianca's Victory
Unaired Performance
Bianca on Star Search<br /><i>The Impossible Dream</i>
Bianca on Star Search
The Impossible Dream
Honda Accord TV Ad<br /><I>Rube Goldberg Would Approve!</i>
Honda Accord TV Ad
Rube Goldberg Would Approve!