On this page we'll share recent photo albums. Grab a cup of coffee, click on an album in the navigation menu, and start flipping through the pictures.

Favorite Photos

This is a collection of my favorite photos. I update this regularly, and it's always changing. You never know what's going to show up in here. You might find out why hotel beds are always lumpy, or what a "violated chicken" is... There are all sorts of candid photos and snapshots in this album, and we hope you'll enjoy them!

Our Wedding

This album contains a slideshow from my wedding to Rebecca Nelson on October 30th, 2004. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work, but the photos are here for folks who want to see them.

Christmas 2005

These are photos from Christmas, 2005. Rebbie & I celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with Rebbie's family in Topeka, and then with the Beardmore clan on Christmas day! Of course, Kenny & Brianna made out like bandits!!

VBF-1 Squadron Book

This is my late father's U.S. Navy fighter squardon tour journal. It chronicles the lives of the brave pilots of the VBF-1 fighter squadron in the closing days of World War II. It includes hundreds of photos and a daily diary of the squadron's activities.